Orland Park Football Cheer Flag Tackle

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Pioneer Football Rain Policy 
Football players practice in the rain, if the rain is severe or lightning detector is activated the head coaches will make a decision AT PRACTICE FIELDS to wait or cancel practice. So, if in doubt SHOW UP! If lightning detector is activated parents should wait with the kids for a decision. If parents are not at the fields and there is chance of lightning, return to fields to pick up your child if they have been dismissed. PLEASE do not call anyone who's numbers appear on this website about practice cancelation. They will not be able to give you any information, since only head coaches at the fields will have that information. The Pioneer Hotline won't be used this season ALL information will come from coaches and the Pioneer Website!




Football Spike Rule! 
ONLY molded type football spikes are allowed in our Pioneer organization and/or league!

Screw in type spikes are NOT allowed in our Pioneer organization and/or league!