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Tips for preventing dehydration



  • Begin drinking WATER days ahead and before practice.

  • Don't trust thirst keep drinking during practice and then more after practice!!

  • A 20oz. bottle of water is not enough for practice!

  • Drink plenty of fluids: on average it is recommended to consume at least 8- eight ounce glasses of fluid a day

  • Wear light colored, absorbable, loose fitting clothes
  • Sports drinks can encourage active people to drink more fluids because they are flavored and are higher in sodium
  • Avoid caffeinated beverages (energy drinks) that will cause dehydration
  • Avoid carbonated beverages because the carbonation may cause bloating or a feeling of fullness and prevent adequate consumption of fluids
  • Stay in cool, shaded areas and protect your skin with sun block whenever possible

For most of us, being aware and prepared is the easiest way to prevent dehydration from occurring. On hot humid days, an active person can become dehydrated in just 15 minutes. If you experience any discomfort, stop the activity and rest in a cool area. Then drink fluids to replenish the water lost.